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We were featured on 2RRR with the 2 Harrys 14/11

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Many thanks to 2RRR and the Harrys

Subway Monk - 2RRR FM

Subway Monk Live @ BED Bar July '19

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monkpress 28 May

Subway Monk headed into the studio in June to put down 5 tracks for a 4 track EP and a limited edition Bonus Track. Tracking went well, with the songs individually creating a great “colour” that will really enhance the listening experience across all tracks. We recorded at Sydney’s A# Sharp Studios with Daniel Natoli […]

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Billboard includes New Artists

monkpress 03 April

Billboard includes New Artists New Billboard allows the public to hear music free of charge from their favorite Indie Musician. Conventional Billboards cover mainly traditional songs, but New Music Billboards features brand-new and up and also coming Vocalists and Bands. New Music Billboards includes songs that runs along side extra conventional or commercial music as […]

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Production Software Programs

monkpress 02 April

I have actually been having fun with music production software application since I downloaded a trial version of Cool Edit way back in secondary school. It was sort of confusing, but I absolutely adored it. I instantly had a powerful program in my hands the could do all sort of music things that I had […]

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